Felonious Fiction

Crime & Punishment

End of Watch

The only way to successfully impersonate a police officer, William Jasper knew, was to fully commit to the role. You had to believe, truly believe, that you were a cop. If you didn’t, well, the people you pulled over might not believe it, either.

Publish or Perish

Finally, after hours of waiting, you see the editor drive up to his curb. Your hands start to shake as adrenaline pumps through your veins. A voice inside you tells you that you’re making a terrible mistake, that you should forget this stupid idea and go home. But you ignore the voice. You didn’t come this far to chicken out. Reaching down, you finger the revolver in your waistband. It strengthens your resolve.

The Beach

Midnight. My feet sink into the sand as I stand on the edge of the water, watching the waves break in the dim light of the moon. One after another they crash against the shoreline, depositing seaweed, shells, driftwood, and other things, both living and non-living, onto the beach.

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The Cabin

As he drove, Jason Pine could hear Rick Coleman bouncing around in the trunk. He could also hear Coleman cursing and pleading and shouting for help. It was a satisfying sound. It made Pine’s drive a little easier. After exiting the highway, Pine took a series of increasing smaller roads until he eventually came to an unnamed dirt road. Following the dirt road for another two miles, he arrived at his destination: the cabin.

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The Opposite of Bonnie and Clyde

“We should rob a bank,” said Madison Clyde.

I put down my fork, picked up the bottle of wine and pretended to study the label. “I knew we should’ve ordered a Vouvray. This pinot noir has gone to your head.”