September 15, 2017

Crime Stories

The Opposite of Bonnie and Clyde

Why would a successful power couple decide to rob a bank? Find out here.


Thuglit 12, June 2014

Make it Hum

Make it Hum is a story based on the guidelines of Shotgun Honey, one of the absolute best online magazines for flash crime fiction.


Shotgun Honey, March 2015

Privacy Night

Privacy Night was written right around the time the movie “The Purge” came out. Although the main ideas are similar, I had never heard of the movie until after the story was published. It was then that someone told me that I had ripped off the idea. So I watched the flick.  And it was all right. But it was no Privacy Night.

index, November 2013

Next Thing You Know

Another Shotgun Honey flash fiction story. About a man, his wife and a gun.


Shotgun Honey, November 2014

 Eat the Rich

Eat the Rich was inspired by the exploits of a Daniel Rakowitz,  former neighbor of mine on East Ninth Street in Alphabet City, Manhattan. Right around the time of the Tompkins Square riots.


Flash Fiction Offensive, April 2015